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The YM Inc. Group of Companies owns stores with trusted reputations among cost-conscious shoppers looking for what’s trending in fashion. As proprietors of nine retail brands for customers, we advocate and promote the greatest value in all of our stores. Because we understand that true value is more than just low prices, we constantly seek new ways to excite customers with leading fashion items and cool trends to fit their budget.

Given the great success of our stores to date, we are in the enviable position of offering both new and dynamic store designs and layouts, and an even larger selection of leading fashion apparel for our specific target markets, together with our proven price-value equation.

Our distinctive in-store experiences, unique product assortment and dedicated teams with know-how and an obsession for fashion design, ensure that customers build a lasting connection to and identification with the brand. Our merchandising and buying professionals deliver the latest trends and value fashion that customers want, and at incredible prices.

Our long-held focus on retail basics, on developing the best shopping experiences and offering the best retail brands and prices, make us well positioned to continue our success, now and in the future.


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