Urban Kids

At Urban Kids, knowing fashion is the key. Knowing the consumer is the key. But knowing how to create a synergy between the two in the ever-changing, constantly evolving ‘tween’ demographic is what defines success, and YM Inc. has bottled that formula. Constantly changing, always one step ahead, vibrant and trendy; that’s what describes our youngest consumer and the store that serves them.


The tween market is largely under-served, with few retailers taking the time to recognize the tween’s unique point of difference, and the need for differentiation. With Urban Kids, we have created a shopping experience that reflects the diversity of tastes in boys and girls from 4 to 16, yet focuses on the looks they love. Often the first to hop on a trend bandwagon, tweens waste no time hitting the malls in search of the right fashion items, accessories and lifestyle products.Not looking to simply emulate an older demographic, tweens are out to set themselves apart from their older peers by owning their own look and establishing a different identity.


At Urban Kids, we get all of that. This awareness was the genesis of the Urban Kids (formerly Siblings) banner in 1999, and as the tweens migrate out of Urban Kids to one of our other divisions, and new ones enter, we are constantly evolving and defining the look and the experience. Urban Kids is dedicated exclusively to relevance to this unique group, and is an example of YM’s philosophy of market segmentation and targeted appeal to discrete and definable market groups.


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