The Tom Martin Scholarship for Learning was established in 2007 to celebrate and honour the memory of a great friend and mentor who played a leading role in the evolution of our Company. Tom was a man of wit and wisdom, who placed a great emphasis on the value of education. As the Chief Financial Officer for YM Inc., he was passionate about what he did, and about the personal and professional success of all those whose lives he touched. Tom valued integrity, and set high expectations – both for himself and those around him. He balanced those expectations with compassion, and the standard to which he aspired has made us all better people, and has made our Company a better place to work.

Annually, the Company awards 6 scholarships, each in the amount of $5,000.00. One scholarship is awarded in each of the following groups:

• Stitches/Urban Planet/Urban Kids
• Sirens/Urban Behavior
• Suzy
• Bluenotes
• West 49/Amnesia
• Head Office

The Scholarship

The Tom Martin Scholarship for Learning helps deserving students attend College or University who would otherwise find it difficult due to financial considerations. To be eligible, the student must be an employee, or a dependent of an employee, who has been with the Company for at least 12 months, and be in good standing. Dependants are defined as children or grandchildren of employees up to and including the age of 21.

Eligible students must be enrolled or accepted at an accredited College or University in Canada in order to receive the $5,000.00 scholarship. In addition, students MUST be enrolled in a program that can lead to a future career in Retail. For example, Retail Management, Buying, Visual Merchandising, Marketing, Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology.

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